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All your devices together—as easy as one!

Remember those scenes in the TV show “24” where Jack Bauer would say to Chloe, “send it to my screen”? Well, now you can do exactly that with your iPhone, iPad, and Macintosh Computer thanks to Ansible.

Ansible is a tiny little app makes a big difference in how use several Apple devices together. Ansible makes it easy and instant to move what you're working on to another device.

Mac —> iOS
iOS  —> Mac
Mac —> Mac
iOS  —> iOS

Have you ever been browsing on your iPad and found a file you wanted to download on your computer? Ever been sitting with a friend when they tell you about a .torrent file for a great new Linux distro that you want to get downloading right away? With Ansible, you can instantly open these links on your computer—even if it's on the other side of the planet.

Awesome new updates are coming soon! Our mission: every device together as easy as one.

created by:  Artisan Technology Logo artisan technology